UPDATE: Celebrating Mental Health Month 2019

Things have been really busy at Putting Stigma to Shame recently. Here’s your latest update on the special plans we have for you:

We did some special updates to the site for Mental Health Month 2019 (we don’t miss an opportunity for an extended celebration with our American cousins!), and we have some big plans to improve the site going forward. We are in the process of organising an affiliation with a very talented and ethical web designer. It is a very exciting time for The Putting Stigma to Shame family. We are so appreciative of all the lovely comments we have received from our family of readers and we would just like to say a big THANK YOU! for your amazing support. 🙂

Andy, our Founder, recently attended an Easyway to Control Alcohol course in Birmingham. He liked to have the odd drink, but decided that for his mental health, wallet and physical health, he would benefit from a change. Andy would like to extend great appreciation and thanks to Chris Hay, Senior Therapist at Allen Car’s Easyway Clinic, for the way in which he conducted such an amazing day.

We would also like to welcome Feel Alive Drama Group as our first Friends affiliation. They are a great group, and we look forward to working with them to extend awareness around all aspects of both mental and physical health! They are planning to address mental health issues through a performance on the 18th February 2020. Look out for updates!

The clinic has inspired Andy to do a series of blog entries on addiction. Look out for these starting soon!

Once again a personal big thank you, to you, from us all. 

Love, namaste and Happy Mental Health Awareness Month where ever you are!

The Putting Stigma to Shame Team 🙂

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