Special Guest Writer Coming Soon! – Richard Enion: Diet and Mental Health

I can’t think of anyone better qualified to speak about diet and mental health. Richard Enion’s virtue and enthusiasm means he stands out, as a friend, founder at Enrichd Superfoods (https://puttingstigmatoshame.com/amigos), and Enrichd (http://www.enrichd.org), speaker (http://www.atlanticspeakerbureau.com/richard-enion/speaker), and drummer (https://www.drummingteambuilding.co.uk).

Richard came to prominence on Dragon’s Den (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vh071fRBspQ) back in 2009 and has since made it his mission to travel the world to discover, and share, all there is to know about living a healthy lifestyle, through diet and exercise.

To find out more look out for Richard’s special contribution coming to Putting Stigma to Shame soon. In the mean time we welcome you to find out more, about his infectious passion and commitment for living a better life, by checking out his YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/RichardEnion).

Peace and Namaste,

Rich and The Putting Stigma to Shame Team

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