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I have suffered from mental health for nearly two decades and I feel Stigma towards sufferers should be better managed by the public, sufferers and the media.
What is Freedom?
3 weeks ago 4 Comments

Freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. You might see this as a controversial post. Freedom, after all – by definition, is the choice to choose how to think, feel and exist in a way that is free from the influence of others. I, after all, by my […]

Shame – It’s Time to Talk About Mental Illness
2 months ago no Comment

My first blog entry on this site was entitled “The Journey From Stigma to Shame”. To recap, in that entry, I argued that Stigma was better defined as a mark of ‘shame’, as opposed to ‘disgrace’, towards a particular circumstance, quality or person. Certainly shame appeared to offer a better definition, but I have not […]

Utilitarianism and Pushing a Fat Man off a Bridge
2 months ago 1 Comment

Imagine a train travelling towards a bridge, where, underneath there are 5 distracted workers working on the tracks. It is inevitable (for this research experiment’s sake) that the 5 people will get hit by the train and die. You notice a switch that means you can shift the track and get the train to miss […]

The Importance of Using Assertiveness Effectively as a Communication Style
2 months ago no Comment

The definition of Assertive is ‘having or showing a confident and forceful personality’. Do not be put off by the word forceful. Assertiveness is not being bossy. It is merely an effective communication style that means you can express yourself effectively and stand up for what you feel is right. Being bossy, suggests a lack […]

The Science of Stigma – Human Competition – PART 5
2 months ago no Comment

Some people are motivated by competition while others are not. We do not all feel the need to win (Robert E. Franken & Douglas J. Brown 1995). It is difficult to imagine a world where humans pursue a competitive advantage only to improve life for themselves and others.Whatever way you look at it, competition means […]

The Science of Stigma – The Inner Critic – PART 4
2 months ago no Comment

Research has shown (Dr Robert & Lisa Firestone 2006) that people are driven to feel hate towards themselves. Robert and Lisa’s explanation for this sense of hate is the feeling that “you are different to other people”. This could be due to mental health problems, but essentially the feeling of not fitting in with society’s […]

The Science of Stigma – Self Esteem – PART 3
6 months ago no Comment

This is a great post! It’s well worth a read for anybody who suffers from low self esteem. I realise there are a lot of new concepts to understand, but they are crucial in gaining the insight towards channeling your own thoughts and behaviour towards better self esteem. If anything is unclear just comment below […]

The Science of Stigma – THE WAY YOU ARE!! – PART 2
8 months ago 16 Comments

Priming is the implicit memory effect in which exposure to a stimulus impacts the response to a later stimulus. It can be considered as a form of conditioning as it can be used to train a person’s mind in both positive and negative ways. We will talk about how this relates to Mental Health and […]

The Science of Stigma – How we Shape our Decisions, Thoughts and Beliefs – PART 1
8 months ago no Comment

Whichever way you chose to look at it, stigma is an individual characteristic that can be overcome through changing your own thoughts and beliefs about yourself and others. The key to overcoming the stigma for having a mental health difficulty is taking full responsibility, and therefore control, for how you feel. To gain a better […]

Should we Learn More About The Illuminati?
8 months ago 1 Comment

This blog entry is written for those mental health patients who struggle due to thoughts about the Illuminati and for anybody else who has considered learning more about this secret organisation. As a past enthusiast and reader into the workings of The Illuminati I feel I am well versed in both the positives and negatives […]

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