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I have suffered from mental health for nearly two decades and I feel Stigma towards sufferers should be better managed by the public, sufferers and the media.
Addiction and Willpower
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I recently overcame my addiction for alcohol and nicotine. I attended two Easyway Clinics in a week, and I have no impulse to touch either alcohol or cigarettes again. But just how did these fine folk at Alan Carr’s Easyway bend my thinking towards lacking any urge to touch these horrible drugs again. Not only […]

Allen Carr’s Easyway, Addiction and Mental Health – John Dicey (Global CEO) – DISCOUNT CODE: NOSTIGMA
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What an absolute pleasure to be asked to pen a few lines for the ‘Putting Stigma to Shame’ website. There are some simple reasons that explain why I was so enthusiastic to do so. Firstly, there is no doubt that, although much progress has been made in the general public’s perception of ‘Mental Health Issues’, […]

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Dear Readers, Putting Stigma to Shame is excited to bring you this amazing bit of news…. We have a very special announcement here at Putting Stigma to Change. A great guest will be writing an article on The Putting Stigma to Shame Blog. We cannot give you too many details at present, but look out […]

UPDATE: Celebrating Mental Health Month 2019
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Things have been really busy at Putting Stigma to Shame recently. Here’s your latest update on the special plans we have for you: We did some special updates to the site for Mental Health Month 2019 (we don’t miss an opportunity for an extended celebration with our American cousins!), and we have some big plans […]

Should You Try to Make Other People Happy?
2 months ago no Comment

Surely there’s no greater pursuit in life than being happy? So why not try to make others happy, and receive the same from others? I am a very positive, friendly, kind, compassionate and caring (and HAPPY!!) person, but I often feel responsible for others’ happiness. Oh, Boy! Does that throw a spanner in the works!!  […]

Communication Styles and Avoiding Conflict
2 months ago no Comment

I recently had a disagreement with a friend. I won’t go into the details, as I feel that might be unfair, but I will say that she didn’t feel she had my support and that I was being rude. I was shocked that I was being called rude, because I am a very well mannered, […]

What is Freedom?
3 months ago 4 Comments

Freedom – the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants. You might see this as a controversial post. Freedom, after all – by definition, is the choice to choose how to think, feel and exist in a way that is free from the influence of others. I, after all, by my […]

Shame – It’s Time to Talk About Mental Illness
4 months ago no Comment

My first blog entry on this site was entitled “The Journey From Stigma to Shame”. To recap, in that entry, I argued that Stigma was better defined as a mark of ‘shame’, as opposed to ‘disgrace’, towards a particular circumstance, quality or person. Certainly shame appeared to offer a better definition, but I have not […]

Utilitarianism and Pushing a Fat Man off a Bridge
4 months ago 1 Comment

Imagine a train travelling towards a bridge, where, underneath there are 5 distracted workers working on the tracks. It is inevitable (for this research experiment’s sake) that the 5 people will get hit by the train and die. You notice a switch that means you can shift the track and get the train to miss […]

The Importance of Using Assertiveness Effectively as a Communication Style
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The definition of Assertive is ‘having or showing a confident and forceful personality’. Do not be put off by the word forceful. Assertiveness is not being bossy. It is merely an effective communication style that means you can express yourself effectively and stand up for what you feel is right. Being bossy, suggests a lack […]

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