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Hi, my name is Julie and i’ve suffered with relatively mild to moderate mental health issues throughout my entire life. Starting with anxiety as a child that made me feel alone and permanently scared, to a fully blown social phobia, as well as repeated periods of depression throughout my adult life. The common threads that ran throughout these different episodes were fear, shame and a lack of understanding. I didnt understand what was happening to me or what i could do about it. And i felt ashamed that i was different and for the fact that many of the people that were close to me just didnt understand. At 38 i’ve found peace. My mental health issues are not something to regret - they have enhanced my existence. They have made me stronger. Stronger because i overcame each episode but also because each time i developed more understanding and more empathy for people in life and the situations that they found themselves in. Having experiences that truly teach you something is what life is about and i definitely feel richer as a result. 🙂 Xx