Putting Stigma to Shame is a campaign aimed at reducing stigma suffered by people with mental health difficulties. We feel there is still a distinct lack of understanding, leading to unnecessary suffering, giving rise to destabilisation, prolonged illness and decreased quality of life.

Critically, we think it is both the job of the patient and general public to ensure they are better informed about mental health. We believe it should be all mental health patients’ ultimate aim to take full responsibility for how they feel about their illness. Only then will they be empowered enough to make independent assessments about how they feel with greater freedom from the influences of others.

Mental health patients, in particular, measure their self-esteem not only on how they see themselves but more importantly on how others respond to them.

We have setup an Allies Page so friends and family can share their stories and give others the opportunity to understand what mental illness is all about.

A lot of the ill feeling towards mental health stems from fear. Mental health patients can behave in a way that is not considered normal. This deviation from desirable behaviour creates an element of alienation for sufferers. Job applications may not be acknowledged, terrorists may be diagnosed with mental health difficulties. Worst of all friends, and even family, may turn their back. There is a distinct lack of empathy and understanding that Putting Stigma to Shame is seeking to address.The Putting Stigma to Shame Team hope to bring people together to pursue a better understanding of how mental health affects themselves and their friends and families.

Our mission is for people to collect LAFS (Lets all feel special). There is absolutely no need for hate and disrespect in a world where there is the possibility for us all to be kind and pursue understanding.

Good Health and Namaste!

The Putting Stigma to Shame Team