Putting Stigma to Shame is a campaign aimed at reducing the stigma aimed at mental health sufferers. Mental health patients endure more than they should have to, due to the lack of opportunity or even willingness for people to fully understand mental illness. It is entirely possible that we all suffer from some form of mental illness during our life times. We all have anxieties, stresses, inability to deal with grievances, and all have our bad as well as our good days. It is how we respond to these difficulties that matters. Very often we simply talk to a loved one or perhaps a mate down at the pub. However, when mental illness turns into a medical problem, requiring medicinal or professional treatment, then stigma soon becomes a problem. Once patients accept the help they need they are often labelled and can be misunderstood as a danger to other people and society at large. This can be extremely frightening for the patient who is left isolated and unwell, often with their freedom taken away from them.

Stigmatising deepens feelings of low self-esteem. The majority of people, not to mention mental health patients, measure their self-esteem not only on how they see themselves but more importantly on how others respond to them. So, the importance of overcoming stigma towards mental health patients is clear. This highlights the importance of coming up with new approaches that are both modern and educational and therefore can make a real difference in the pursuit of understanding minds.

We have setup and Allies page to bring sufferers together to share their stories and give others the opportunity to understand what mental illness is all about. Please share as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing and feel free to contact anybody who you think may be of assistance via your profile page.

Good Health!

The Putting Stigma to Shame Team